When in 2013, after another heavy winter another huge heating bill came, we started to notice a serious problem.
Every year, we all spend wealth on heating and hot water unnecessarily. We decided that something should be done about it and we started working on a new, better and more effective solution. Three years later, the Sunector company was founded!

Our vision was noticed and appreciated, thanks to which we were able to gain support and funds for development, including in the Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland.




We are currently in possession of a technology that will allow 100% coverage of heat demand for a single-family home. Our solution is also well-suited for housing cooperatives, developers, investors and many other entities, generating additional profits and lowering costs.

What distinguishes us from the currently available solutions? First of all, innovative product. We have created a modular, vacuum solar collector that allows you to develop the surface much more efficiently and cheaper than for installations with currently available solar installations.

Highest efficiency

Housing cooperatives
Industrial factoriesfevelop
Public institutions
Detached houses

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