Would you like the invested funds to guarantee you many years of savings? Are you afraid that the investment in renewable energy will not pay back? Are you looking for a solution that will make you heat your home for free?

All homeowners are looking for solutions that will serve for years, while guaranteeing savings not only to them but also to future generations.

Appropriate investment in a single-family house requires careful consideration and attention when making choices. One of the dilemmas that homeowners worry about is definitely which of the available solutions should be finally used. Which technology is the most profitable?

Innovative solution

We have technology that is a serious alternative to the systems used so far. Our innovative solution in a simple way brings long-term savings for homeowners. It consists in using the roof surface to produce heat using innovative solar collectors. Thanks to this, it is possible to completely reduce the costs associated with the supply of hot tap water - yes, our installation produces heat even in winter. In addition, a properly constructed installation is able to reduce the costs associated with heating the house by up to 80%.

The average family of four is able to save up to PLN 8,000 a year.

10000 PLN

Maintenance-free and convenience

Our installations are characterized by maintenance-free operation which also guarantees time savings and comfort that residents of modern homes value so much. In addition, it allows you to save a lot of space, which was previously allocated to the boiler room or fuel storage - it will no longer be needed.

Environmental Protection

What's more, the whole installation on the building is made in an aesthetic manner, becoming an integral part of it. It gains a modern, innovative look, next to which no neighbor will pass by indifferently.

A modern look

Co więcej, całość instalacji na budynku wykonana jest w estetyczny sposób stając się jednocześnie integralną jego częścią. Zyskuje on nowoczesnego, innowacyjnego wyglądu, obok którego żaden sąsiad nie przejdzie obojętnie.

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