Wondering how you could increase your company's profits by 10%? Do you remember the last financial statement in which costs accounted for over 50% of income? Do you strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering a better product?

Issues related to increasing profits, cutting costs and anticipating competitors are the daily goals of the company.

Undeniably, one way to increase profits is to cut costs associated with the production, for example, heat or electricity. Often, it is the process heat that accounts for between 5% and 15% of the product's costs. By limiting the costs associated with it, we are able to save a lot and, consequently, increase our profits.

Innovative solution

We have technology that will reduce production costs in a simple and effective way and will bring long-term savings to companies for which it is necessary to use technological heat. Our solution consists in using innovative solar collectors to produce heat, which is then delivered directly to the production line or stored and used when it is needed. Similar installations already operate in Europe, bring savings and generate additional profits for factories.

Thanks to such installation, the production plant saves about 80% on energy and increases its profits even by 100,000 PLN / year.

10000 PLN


Lower production costs of the product allow you to gain an advantage over the competition and achieve the position of a leader in your industry.


The solid manufacturing of our installations ensures 30 years of trouble-free operation, which results in savings and profits for the production plants for 30 years.
What's more, the reduction of costs related to the production of technological heat for production purposes reduces the unit costs of product manufacturing by up to 20%, depending on the product.

Do you want to know how big savings will bring you using our technology?

Do you want to know how much the unit cost of manufacturing your product will decrease?

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