Are you looking for new solutions that are able to generate additional and long-term profits? Would you like to broaden your horizons with industries that are dynamically developing not only in Europe but also around the world? Are you interested in a sustainable and reliable return on investment of 8-15%?

It is true that all investors are looking for new and innovative solutions for business.

The investment industry is becoming more and more open to modern technology. However, the most important factor is the profitability of the investment. Supporting development is of great importance for the state economy, although profits are also very important.

Innovative solution

We have technology that easily generates long-term profits, with a return rate of 8-15%. Our innovative solution consists in using free space for heat production using innovative solar collectors. This heat is then resold to the district heating network or to other entities. Such solutions are already operating in Europe and generate more and more income.

The solar installation is able to generate a profit of up to PLN 100,000 per year.

10000 PLN

Constant and stable profits

What's more - we know how important durability is. Thanks to a solid production, our installation guarantees stable and constant profits for at least 25 years.
In addition, the housing cooperative will be able to invest in insulation of buildings, renovation of staircases and current expenses.


Modularity of our collectors gives us an advantage over other solutions is. Thanks to it, we are able to manage the roof surface 220% more efficiently than in the case of installations with standard solar panels and by 530% more efficiently than in the case of installation of photovoltaic panels. In addition, we can prepare installations in the form of a carport, which will not only make an additional use of the parking area and bring profits from it, but also will provide security for cars on hot days.


Many potential investors who were interested in the renewable energy sector were discouraged by requirements imposed by the Ministry of Energy related to RES auctions. Fortunately, heat generating installations are not required to join such auctions, which gives them an advantage over other solutions such as photovoltaic farms.

Environmental Protection

Investing in eco-friendly installations opens up a number of benefits associated with it. One of them is the possibility of obtaining an ecological preferential loan. This is an opportunity to reduce the cost of your investment through the interest rate subsidy system supported by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

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