Are you looking for a solution that provides additional and long-term profits that will increse your budget in subsequent projects? Would you like to provide additional benefits to future residents of your estates? Do you think that in the era of record growth in your industry, you are not able to significantly distinguish from the others?

Developers do not slow down the pace, the number of flats offered and competition on the market are still growing, that's a fact.

In recent years, the real estate market has been breaking records. Both in terms of the number of completed investments, construction permits for subsequent buildings and the number of units sold. Undoubtedly there is an increase in competition in this industry. Investors are looking for new ways to stand out above the competition and increase the attractiveness of their offer.

Innovative solution

We have technology that easily generates long-term savings for future real estate users. Our innovative solution is to use the roof surface of blocks for heat production using innovative solar collectors. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce the costs associated with the supply of hot water and heating the apartment by up to 80%. What's more, our installation can be used to produce heat and resell that heat to the district heating. Such solutions already work in Europe and bring huge profits to developers.

Our solar installation is able to increase your income by up to PLN 100,000 a year.

10000 PLN


Modularity of our collectors gives us an advantage over other solutions is. Thanks to it, we are able to manage the roof surface 220% more efficiently than in the case of installations with standard solar panels and by 530% more efficiently than in the case of installation of photovoltaic panels. In addition, we can prepare installations in the form of a carport, which will not only make an additional use of the parking area and bring profits from it, but also will provide security for cars on hot days. Thanks to solid production, our installation provides functionality and low cost of operation, while guaranteeing constant savings for at least 25 years.

Prestige and exclusivity of the estate

The use of modern technology and the innovation of our solution significantly affect the attractiveness of the object. It raises the prestige and exclusivity of the estate, it gives you an advantage over the competition and allows you to stand out from them. What's more, the whole installation is made in an aesthetic way. Thanks to this, we improve the appearance of the building, and the entire installation becomes its integral part.

Environmental Protection

By deciding on the effective use of natural resources in the form of energy from the sun, you contribute to the important aspect of environmental protection and the fight against smog. As a result, you have an impact on the significant improvement of air quality not only near the building, but also throughout the city. Investing in eco-friendly installations opens up a number of benefits associated with it. One of them is the possibility of obtaining an ecological preferential loan. This is an opportunity to reduce the cost of your investment through the interest rate subsidy system supported by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Your housing estate may become a precursor to the energy revolution that has already embraced countries like Denmark, the Netherlands or Germany, and now it is also coming to us!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of our solution, find out what profits and how quick return on investment you can count on, contact us!