the collector consists of three modules that can be combined to form large-surface installations

  • effective space development, a minimum of twice as much area of ​​the active surface of the apparatus as compared to the solutions available on the market
  • perfect fit of the installation to the shape of the roof, flexibility in choosing the optimal solution
  • reduction of installation costs with the increase of its area
  • up to three times faster return on investment in relation to vacuum collectors


Gas insulation in a collection box:

  • ensures maximum collector efficiency
  • the possibility of placing the whole installation above the ground - this solution translates into an efficiency increase of up to 30% through absorbing reflected rays
  • prevention of heat loss so that all heat is effectively used

Innovative solutions

The unique, patented shape of the absorber:

  • allows you to fully use the potential of solar energy from the level of 15 degrees above the horizon
  • The whole is made of light aluminium covered with an absorbing layer, which ensures lightness of the structure
  • uniform absorber provides excellent heat transfer to the solar factor, which gives greater amount of energy produced
  • Optimization of the flow of the heating medium in the installation - no contact of the heated liquid with cold liquid


Vacuum level management system in the installation

  • extended lifetime of collectors from 10 to over 30 years
  • preventing overheating of the installation due to the possibility of turning it off on the hottest days
  • protection of solar fluid
  • the possibility of unfreeze installation so that it works without any problems in the winter
  • Harp liquid flow causes the cold solar medium do not contact with the warm one which improves the collector's efficiency


Lightness of the whole structure

Ease and flexibility of assembly

A specialized sealing system

Mariusz Fleszar

Technical manager